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Food Allergies and Your Dog

 Food Allergies and Your Dog

 Canine food allergies are more and more common.

 How can you tell if your dog has allergies and what

 you can do. Read more

A Stark Warning Against Early Spay & Neuter

A Stark Warming Against Early Spay and Neuter!


Your pups first year -  a veterinary checklist. Click Here

Winter and Your Dog


 The Truth About Winter and Your Dog

 Winter is officially here.  There are ways to enjoy the

 season.  Learn more

Puppy Chewing and What You SHOULD Know!

Puppy Chewing...What you SHOULD know

 Do you think puppies need a variety of toys to keep

 them from chewing items in your home? Read more

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Whimzees available at Dunrovin Farm


Does Your Dog Pull?


 This Anti Pull Dog Harness offers better control than other

 conventional halters or harnesses. Comfortable and adjustable, this

 harness distributes tension under the dog's legs, not around the


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